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Protein Capture Reagents Program

The objective of this NIH Common Fund program has been to generate protein affinity reagents to a large number of human transcription factors (hTFs) that would be useful for the broader scientific community. Currently on this data portal, there are over 1500 reagents to over 650 hTF and hTF-associated proteins. Unlike most antibody generation efforts, this program was designed to establish and test high-throughput methods which offers the advantages of comprehensiveness, uniform protocols and reduced cost, but as such, presents trade-offs between producing numerous useful reagents versus a small number of highly customized reagents. Standard operating procedures have been established for high-throughput generation and validation of these reagents, and are posted on this portal. The criteria for interpreting validation assays by the Johns Hopkins University/CDI Laboratories (JHU/CDI) Antibody Production Center are available here. In addition, some JHU/CDI reagent-associated datasheets have been flagged to highlight issues that may require special attention by the user. Users may need to further optimize protocols for reagents of interest according to their specific assay needs.

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