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About the Data Portal

The Protein Capture Reagents Program, funded by the NIH Common Fund, was created in an effort to provide low-cost, high-quality renewable affinity reagents for human proteins as a resource for the scientific community. The overall purpose of the program is to create a library of these reagents for public distribution while simultaneously improving upon technologies for generating protein affinity reagents in an applicable, high-throughput manner.

The reagents are produced through a collaborative effort from our three production centersā€”Rutgers, JHU (Johns Hopkins U), and RAN (Recombinant Antibody Network). Rutgers is focused on antigen production, while JHU is involved in monoclonal antibody production, and RAN in recombinant antibody production.

This Protein Capture Reagents Program Data Portal is where researchers can browse publically-available reagents to obtain through our three distributors: DSHB, DNASU, and CDI, Inc. The portal itself provides all relevant information about the reagents including but not limited to antigen source, antibody type, performed validations, and links to distributors.